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The Single Prayer

The Single Prayer That Has Changed The Lives of Over A Billion People…Can Change Your Life Too!

The word, Gospel, actually means…Good News! And, it is so very true. Those lost…will be found. Those wounded…will be healed. Those confused…will be taught. Those embittered…will be encouraged. Those who are weak…will find strength. Those who have sinned…can be forgiven and cleansed through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Yet, many who experience Jesus…continue to fail in their personal lives, relationships and business. Millions who have prayed what Billy Graham and others have simply called, The Sinners Prayer, which is…“Jesus, I confess that I am a sinner, who has sinned and fallen short of your expectations. I acknowledge You as my Personal Savior. I ask You for mercy, forgiveness and a new heart. Change me. Change my nature. I accept your blood and death as the sacrifice for my sins. Take out of me what satan put inside me. Put back into me whatever satan took out of me. Confirm that You have heard my prayer for forgiveness by giving me uncommon peace, uncommon joy and supernatural love for others. Do it now, in Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

This simple prayer…can forever change your life.

This prayer is the proof of your faith…the proof of your humility. Your willingness to REACH…forever changes the Divine Blessing on your life.

Pray this prayer again…aloud…right now. And…believe!

– Dr. Mike Murdock

Wisdom Note Number 49

“The Wisdom Notes of Mike Murdock – Volume 1 Notes 1-150”

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    2 Comments to "The Single Prayer"
    1. Link says:

      the prayer fits at its best for a single christian like me who somehow desires to pursue the life of being a Christ s full-time servant. thank u so much for the prayer.

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