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God’s Consistency

We live in a world where things are ALWAYS changing. We want the newest IPhone, the newest car, and the newest trends. The list goes on! Often times get the newest item, which seems great but then you fall behind in a trend because as soon as you purchase the item that is claimed to be “newest” the companies have already started to make the ‘NEXT BIG THING’ … it’s a constant cycle of CHANGE.

With so many changes and trends it is easy to get caught up in it all, but really the Bible says, the WORLD IS PASSING AWAY (1 John 2:17). The changes of his world WILL NOT LAST. Good news, in the Bible, God’s nature is consistent…HE DOES NOT CHANGE.

Read: Genesis 17:16-17.

Abraham fell on his face in laughter because he couldn’t imagine such a miracle for Sarah and himself at the ages they were. He was 100 and she was 90. But what God said… came true. Keep reading: Genesis 21:1-2 … God is FAITHFUL he always does what he says he is going to do.

Looking at the world’s system and the people in it, many go back on their word, but God fulfills His Word! The Bible is FILLED with promises for YOU, and each one of them, if you receive and believe them, they will come true!

Read: Luke 1:28-35.

Mary questioned the angel how this was possible. She was ENGAGED to be married and a VIRGIN. But again, God has spoken it, and even sent an angel to deliver the message. Keep reading: Luke 2:4-7 – what God says, will happen, why? Because He is the same miracle working God in the Old Testament, and same miracle working God in the New Testament and even TODAY.

Since we understand how consistent God is, let’s take a look at OURSELEVES.

Its easy to go church on Sunday and youth on Tuesday and be a ‘Christian’ but what about the rest of the week? Do you waver? You put God on the back burner around your friends, you do things in private you know you shouldn’t do, you gossip here and there, but then Sunday comes around and you are a ‘Christian’ again.. Ask yourself, where is your consistency?

God, who has always been consistent, waiting just to hear from you, spend time with you and bless you. Then there’s  you, who decides you want nothing to do with him, when you’re living ‘YOUR’ life.

What if there was a moment, in your life, when you hit rock bottom, and you cried out to God…and He said, NO, it’s not Sunday, so I am busy living MY life?

That’s what we do to GOD all the time, sometimes we don’t even mean too. We aren’t consistent, but that can change! How? Because God has created us in his image, we can be consistent in our relationship with God! It’s a choice that you make DAILY and then live it.

– Jessica O.

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